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2017 TACVPR Beverly Spraggins Awards of Excellence

ScottCare is honored to sponsor the Beverly Spraggins Awards of Excellence for the Texas Association of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation (TACVPR), presented last week at the 2017 TACVPR annual conference. These awards recognize outstanding contributions by an individual TACVPR member and an individual program that are motivated to improve the lives of patients and their families as well as the practice of cardiac and/or pulmonary rehabilitation. The individual recipient must demonstrate the ability to lead by example and serve as a role model for professionals and patients. Learn more about the history of the awards.

Outstanding Rehabilitation Program:
Texas Health Arlington Memorial (THAM) Cardiac Rehab

Texas Health Arlington Memorial Cardiac RehabTexas Health Arlington Memorial Intensive Cardiac Rehab

The Cardiac Rehab Program of Texas Health Arlington Memorial is directed by Brenda Doughty, MBA, RN-BC, CVRN-BC and is an AACVPR Certified Cardiac Rehab Program.

The program is staffed by two RNs, three exercise physiologists, one fitness specialist, one department assistant, a dietician, social worker, yoga instructor, and two medical directors.

They are also supported by 25 former cardiac rehab participants and/or spouses that serve as volunteers.

Below are just some of the accomplishments that signifies the level of dedication patients experience in their care and earned them the Beverly Spraggins Award.

  1. Initiation of a Cardiac Rehab Volunteer Program 15 years ago with 25 current volunteers. Assisting with education, coordination of Mended Hearts meetings, and several serve as Mended Hearts Ambassadors and visit patients in the hospital.
  2. Installation of wall-mounted large screen monitors allowing staff to attend to patients and monitor patients simultaneously anywhere in the department.
  3. THAM has been using technology for the last 10 years to enhance patient education through use of iPods and iPads.
  4. In March of 2015 THAM launched the first Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program in the state of Texas and were nationally recognized as having some of the best ICR outcomes.
  5. Members of the CR department participate in numerous activities related to heart disease awareness and treatment such as Heart Walk, Go Red for Women, and collaboration with Mended Hearts. They participate in fundraisers/health fairs and serve as guest speakers at the local college and at community leader meetings.
  6. In 2009, this department was recognized with a service award for their contribution to the largest CPR training session at the Arlington Cowboys Stadium, setting a Guinness' World record. 104 school buses transported 4,626 Arlington Independent School District 8th grade students for the training.
  7. Their patient satisfaction scores are consistently above the 95th percentile and in 2016 they received an award from our hospital system President for achieving THAM hospital's highest overall patient satisfaction scores

Individual Recipient:
Lori Stroud, RT | University Medical Center (Lubbock, TX)

Lori Stroud, 2017 Individual Award, Beverly Spraggins Award of ExcellenceLori has been a Respiratory Therapist for 31 years and has dedicated nearly 20 years to Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Both the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab programs of UMC Lubbock are AACVPR certified.

Lori’s passion and dedication to her program and the patients she serves is recognized and praised by her co-workers and UMC Lubbock leadership.

Her nomination by a co-worker noted that Lori has worked tirelessly—and largely unrecognized—for many years in Pulmonary Rehabilitation, yet she is a champion patient advocate, talking to patients' physicians, oxygen companies, and whoever else is needed to get needed equipment or medication changes.

"She has never given up on a patient, and continues to have relationships with patients who graduated from our program years ago. She also runs our Lubbock Better Breathers Club, organizing a new speaker every week and using her own time to ensure that participants have an informative, fun and, most of all, comfortable time. She is truly a champion and deserves any and all awards bestowed upon her."


ScottCare congratulates Lori and the THAM rehab teams for exemplifying the dedication and passion for which Beverly was known and loved.

On behalf of your patients, we thank you.


History of the Awards


For members of the TACVPR, ScottCare employee Beverly Spraggins was the face of ScottCare in Texas for more than 20 years. Those who knew her were devastated to learn of her sudden and unexpected passing on April 2, 2012. Beverly was their ScottCare account representative to be sure, but for so many she was so much more. Customer or not, every person she met immediately felt like a close friend; she never spoke ill of anyone—even her competitors. (And her competitors spoke highly of her too.) People simply felt good whenever they were around her.

Beverly and ScottCare were one of TACVPR’s strongest supporters and sponsors. Even in years when the economy wasn’t the best, Beverly reassured the ScottCare leadership how important Texas was to ScottCare; she wouldn't take "no" for an answer when seeking sponsorship money. And even after getting what she wanted, which she always did, she would contribute her own money in order to make amazing, colorful, creative decorations for whatever event ScottCare was sponsoring that year. She also made sure there was always a beautiful basket to give away at the end of every annual conference.

According to Barbara Flato of TACVPR, "If Beverly was here with us she would flash her beautiful smile and have some funny story to tell to make everyone comfortable and we would, for a moment, forget our sadness. We still miss our friend dearly and are so grateful for having known her."

There are many ScottCare staff as well who remember Beverly fondly, who light up at the mention of her name, who laugh at the retelling of her funny stories, and who miss her presence and humor greatly. It's this combined admiration for and desire to honor Beverly that prompted the creation in 2013 of the Beverly Spraggins Award of Excellence.



Nominations for the following year can be submitted any time after the annual TACVPR conference (typically in April) through Dec. 31 (see link below). One can nominate oneself, one's program, co-workers, or colleagues and their programs. Awards are announced at their annual TACVPR Conference.

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ScottCare is honored to help TACVPR carry on Beverly’s legacy in such a way and we celebrate those who have previously received this Award:

  • 2016 Program Award: St. David's Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation (Austin)
    2016 Individual Award:
    Laura Raymond, RN, BSN, CCRP, FAACVPR of Cardiopulmonary Rehab at St. David’s Medical Center (Austin)
  • 2015 Individual Award:  Kathy Poteet of Del Sol LifeCare Center (El Paso)
  • 2014 Program Award: Baylor Heart and Vascular Cardiac Rehab
    2014 Individual Award: Lorri Lee, BS, ACSM-RCEP of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa – New Braunfels
  • 2013 Program Award:  Hendrick Medical Center Cardiac Rehab (Abilene)
    2013 Individual Award:
    Barbara Flato, MSN, RN-BC, FAACVPR of CHRISTUS Spohn Health System (Corpus Christi)