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Go Ahead: Indulge Yourself

By | on 13, Jul 2017 |   improved health outcomes Intensive Cardiac Rehab pulmonary rehab Caretakers Self-care Cardiac Rehab Stress exercise physiologists Cardiac Rehab program director

Cardiopulmonary Rehab professionals are devoted to the well-being of others. Regardless of the path you took to become a part of this caring profession, your work either touches upon or is completely [...]

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2017 TACVPR Beverly Spraggins Awards of Excellence

By | on 24, Apr 2017 |   cardiac rehabilitation cardiopulmonary rehab TACVPR Beverly Spraggins Awards of Excellence Mended Hearts Lori Stroud, RT University Medical Center, Lubbock Texas Health Arlington Memorial THAM Cardiac Rehab Intensive Cardiac Rehab Brenda Doughty, RN-BC, CVRN-BC pulmonary rehab Better Breathers Club respiratory therapy

ScottCare is honored to sponsor the Beverly Spraggins Awards of Excellence for the Texas Association of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation (TACVPR), presented last week at the 2017 TACVPR annual [...]

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