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ScottCare Spotlight: Dimitra Cesaratto

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This is my first time writing for ScottCare, so I’m really excited and hope that you enjoy my inaugural post!

My name is Dimitra Cesaratto, I’m a Clinical Application Specialist with ScottCare. In my role, I travel to clinics and hospitals throughout the Midwest to install and train the staff on VersaCare. I have both a B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Physiology, which included some time training and working in a cardiac rehab department. My previous experience working in cardiac rehab provides a background and perspective of the work that each rehab staff member undertakes.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my position is that it provides me the opportunity to be present in the cardiac rehab with caregivers. Being able to see a direct result of my work within the facility and to build relationships with customers allows me to feel I am a part of something bigger than myself.

During my time as a CAS, I have seen some amazing programs. I’ve yet to come across one that wasn’t full of dedicated individuals with an enthusiasm for their work. One unique visit was with a new VersaCare customer who’s entire department, including the exercise equipment and the VersaCare system, was paid for entirely by donations from the patients. This install was super important because we not only had to impress the customer, but also the patients! They had purchased a competitor’s system two years prior, but sent it back just 3 days after it was installed. On go-live day, I am happy to say that everything went extremely well. A few patients even took the time to mention the staff seemed very comfortable with our system and they were pleased the department purchased one that actually worked!

But all of this work would be exhausting were it not for a well-balanced home life. Steady exercise, exploring microbreweries and entertaining my ever-lovable cat, Louise, keeps me balanced and rejuvenated for my work.

If you are one of my Midwest customers, I look forward to seeing you soon! If you are in another part of the country, you’re in good hands with our other CAS’s. We have an amazing team!