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ScottCare Customer Focus: Samaritan Cardiac Rehab

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With the ScottCare Customer Focus, we try to acknowledge individuals and institutions that are making a positive impact. Whether it is an effort that has been made within the community, among peers and colleagues or even an individual patient, we want to share work that elevates the cardiopulmonary rehab care.

JenniferAvery_02Jennifer Avery is the lead exercise physiologist at Samaritan Cardiac Rehab in Moses Lake, WA. From policy development to day to day operations, she has been essential in the success of their Rehab Program. Jennifer received her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from Western Washington University and has been leading her cardiac rehab team in establishing a multi-faceted, individualized program since first opening in June of 2016.  She has a deep and genuine compassion for every patient that participates in cardiac rehab, driving her to ensure that each patient leaves with a healthier heart, both physiologically and emotionally.

Jennifer had a rare opportunity to open a cardiac rehab clinic from the ground up at only 26 years old. Now, almost three years since taking on that task, she feels incredibly blessed and honored to be able to serve the agricultural/ rural community of Grant County Washington.


The Samaritan Cardiac Rehab Team

The thing that Jennifer believes sets Samaritan Cardiac Rehab apart, is the dynamic set up of their classes. At Samaritan Cardiac rehab, every patient spends 15-20 minutes prior to exercise, listening and participating in interactive educational sessions, where all aspects of wellness are discussed. This allows the exercise physiologists extra time to spend on important aspects of health like nutrition and physical activity. Additionally, this time of open discussion allows patients to build strong bonds with one another, resulting in a 90% adherence rate at Samaritan Cardiac Rehab. One of Jennifer’s most memorable moments of this camaraderie involved a shy patient who had been in the program for just a few weeks. One day, while having their blood pressure taken, the patient was quiet and nervous. Another patient held his hand for comfort, resulting in laughter. The next time Jennifer had to take the shy patient’s blood pressure, a different patient came over and held his hand. Once again, he broke out into laughter along with everyone else. After that day, that shy patient was outgoing and completed the program because they understood there was real support and caring at Samaritan Cardiac Rehab.

Jennifer is inspired each day by the relationships and rapport she builds with her patients. As the lead physiologist, patients often take her aside to discuss more personal issues or goals. The intake assessments are often emotional and powerful. There is nothing quite like the moment when a patient, who was once a stubborn skeptic, takes her aside and says “thank you for what you’re doing here.”  Those are the moments that keep Jennifer motivated and driven to make sure that Samaritan Cardiac Rehab is providing the best practices in every aspect of the patient’s wellness.

Samaritan Cardiac Rehab achieved National Certification through the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) only two years after first opening its doors. This accomplishment speaks to the strict standard of practice that Samaritan Cardiac Rehab offers their patients. Jennifer says, “The AACVPR certification is highly outcome based. This is where ScottCare’s VersaCare GO helped a great deal when submitting our application. VersaCare’s built in programs and templates allowed for the application process for our certification to be simple and smooth. We also attribute our high adherence rates to the flexibility that VersaCare GO provides during each session. We are able to spend every minute on the floor, next to our patients,  building relationships, all while having eyes on their rhythms and vitals. With VersaCare, Samaritan is once again set apart from other clinics as we proudly depend on the industry leader in cardiopulmonary telemetry monitoring.”

We appreciate Jennifer’s dedication and caring towards her patients. Stories like this are what make all of us at ScottCare proud and motivated to do the work we do.