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ScottCare's OneView™ CRM Syncs Directly with™ for Automatic Delivery of Session Data

Following the recent announcement from St. Jude Medical regarding its 5.0 upgrade, ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions today announces that the DirectSync™ feature in its OneView CRM device management system can now be utilized. OneView CRM is used by clinics and hospitals to manage cardiac device patients and data, providing a single EHR interface for all device manufacturer data.

OneView Demo Webinar“With the latest upgrade, OneView CRM users are now able to take advantage of the DirectSync functionality built into OneView,” describes Snehraj Merchant, VP of Engineering for ScottCare. “Now, when a remote monitoring session is completed, DirectSync automatically syncs all session data from so it is instantly available in OneView.” 

St. Jude Medical is the first of the device manufacturers able to transfer session data automatically using DirectSync in OneView. DirectSync alleviates the need to manually release a session from the CRM vendor’s web site. ScottCare is working with the leading cardiac device manufacturers to enable direct communication with OneView CRM. 

“The automatic communication between DirectSync in OneView and 5.0 saves our clinic hours of work. We can now simply come into the clinic and start reviewing remote checks immediately. The DirectSync feature has increased our productivity and improved our workflow. What was taking us all day to complete can now be done in half the time,” said LaNita Hobby RN , Device Clinic Supervisor, Arkansas Heart Hospital Clinic

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