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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring With ScottCare



You may already be using ScottCare products and software to monitor your CIED or AECG patients; but did you know that we also have a solution for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring?

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to monitor blood pressure for your patients, look no further. ScottCare’s ABP320™ ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a meaningful and accurate way to measure hypo/hypertension beyond the doctor’s office. The ABP320 records up to 300 readings over a 24-hour period while the patient engages in normal daily activities. Should the patient feel symptomatic, they can take a manual reading at any point in the study. The device can also be programmed to take automatic readings throughout the study. With the device’s customizable settings, you can chose how often the device takes a reading and tailor it to each patient.

The ABP320 device pairs with our ABPCare™ software to review and report on your patients’ blood pressure studies. With ABPCare you can easily correlate and compare data including day and evening BP; periods of normal, acceptable and critical readings; and MAP versus heart rate.

To make things even easier, ABPCare can be easily integrated into your current CardioView Dx Suite by our team simply enabling the modality in your login screen. No additional hardware or new software installation is required.

If you are interested in integrating the ABP320 and ABPCare solution, contact your Sales Account Manager today for more information!

To learn more about these solutions, visit the ABP320 and ABPCare web page.