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ScottCare Announces MedAxiom Partnership

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MedAxiom Announces Industry Partnership with ScottCare

MedAxiom, the cardiovascular community’s premier source for organizational performance solutions, is proud to announce its industry partnership with ScottCare, which delivers complete and accurate cardiovascular monitoring technologies, data management, and services that aid in the diagnosis, rehabilitation and surveillance of cardiovascular patients.

“ScottCare simplifies the complexity of cardiac patient monitoring by offering a single source for diagnostic and rehabilitation solutions, said Joe Sasson PhD, MedAxiom’s EVP of Ventures. “ScottCare’s remote monitoring expertise and proven track record position them well to serve electrophysiologists, device nurses and technicians, and the unique needs of Device Clinics in monitoring their CIED patients.  We are excited to welcome ScottCare as a MedAxiom industry partner and bring their solutions to our membership community.”

ScottCare is transforming cardiovascular care by providing tailored diagnostic and rehabilitation monitoring solutions to fit the needs of any organization. Their Ambucor Cardiac Monitoring Service allows practice administrators to address staffing shortages and optimize patient compliance while maximizing value. Ambucor combines state-of-the-art technology with certified specialists to provide efficient and cost-effective remote monitoring services to the physician and the patient. For the patient, this means a better experience through personal assistance. For the physician, this means increased patient compliance, customized alerts and notifications, and greater report confidence. The practice achieves maximum value with complete ownership of patient data and revenue. ScottCare offers the Ninety One remote cardiovascular implantable electronic device (CIED) patient monitoring platform which utilizes the latest technologies to gather and present comprehensive implanted device data in an intuitive way. The platform optimizes care delivery by eliminating time consuming manual processes through automated transfer, capture, and reporting of remote and in-clinic interrogations. ScottCare also offers TeleRehab VersaCare, the industry leading cardiopulmonary rehabilitation monitoring platform, improving and simplifying the specialized care that is crucial to the recovery of cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients.

"Organizations are under increased pressure to deliver value-based care; improve clinical outcomes, ensure high patient satisfaction, all while increasing financial performance. There are numerous remote cardiac monitoring companies from which clinics and hospitals can choose, but ScottCare is uniquely positioned to assist with our in-sourcing business models,” said Deepak Malhotra, General Manager of ScottCare. “As a company with decades of monitoring experience, we understand the critical importance of delivering comprehensive, accurate and timely information to physicians. We also recognize the significance of alleviating some of the burden placed on your clinical team. ScottCare’s remote monitoring solutions can assist healthcare organizations in improving patient compliance and operational efficiencies for better clinical outcomes and financial results. ScottCare looks forward to presenting our unique solutions to MedAxiom members.”