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ScottCare Announces Partnership with Ninety One

Ninety One


CLEVELAND (October 25, 2021) --ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions ( announced that it has signed an agreement with Ninety One Holding, Inc. ( to become a principal distributor for Ninety One's cloud software platform for cardiac implanted device monitoring, effectively expanding the partnership between the two firms. Currently, ScottCare’s 24/7 remote cardiac monitoring service, Ambucor, utilizes the Ninety One platform to provide comprehensive, efficient patient data monitoring and management. The expansion of this relationship will now allow ScottCare to offer Ninety One’s cloud platform directly to clinics that choose to monitor and manage patient data with their own staff. Ninety One's platform combines advanced data science with the latest technologies to assist with the analysis and management of complex medical data for implanted cardiac device patients.

By partnering with ScottCare, which has more than 30 years’ experience with cardiovascular monitoring, both companies realize the opportunity to expand the clinician’s ability to monitor their cardiac patients with newfound clarity and confidence. ScottCare is committed to providing exceptional sales and service and will work closely with the Ninety One team on additional developments and enhancements to Ninety One’s cardiac monitoring platform.

Deepak Malhotra, General Manager of ScottCare says, “We are thrilled to be able to offer this truly innovative solution to a wider customer base. It has always been our mission to identify the best technologies and methods to facilitate better cardiovascular patient care. When it comes to cloud-based remote cardiac monitoring, Ninety One’s remote monitoring platform is exceptional.”

Bleron Baraliu, CEO of Ninety One, added, "This partnership combines ScottCare’s depth of experience and know-how with Ninety One's cloud-native, AI-driven innovative technology, and commitment to becoming the gold standard in cardiac RPM. Clients who choose our platform will leapfrog their peers in attaining the highest quality of patient care and unmatched operational efficiency -- reaping the benefits of digital health and Precision Medicine across several dimensions."

For more information on the Ninety One platform, please contact ScottCare at

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About Ninety One 
Ninety One aspires to advance precision medicine by combining state-of-the-art software technology with modern mathematical methods of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Pursuing this mission with vigorous commitment and passion, while leveraging innovations in science, we strongly believe that Ninety One will have a material impact on disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. We aim to enhance patients’ life quality and, in due course, increase life expectancy — perhaps beyond the 91 years embedded in our company name. To learn more, visit


John Jackson 
Marketing Communications Manager, ScottCare