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ScottCare Announces HolterCare version 12




ScottCare is proud to announce the release of HolterCare, version 12. This version of the popular Holter analysis software includes new features and improvements including:


  • Increased bitrate from 32 to 64-bit program for greater reliability
  • Faster data download speeds and software performance during data review and analysis
  • Improved Template Matching for more accurate grouping of beats in morphology binning
  • Redesigned Rhythm Breakdown Chart for greater legibility


We believe that HolterCare version 12 is an incredible upgrade. Therefore, we are making this update available to all existing HolterCare users at no extra charge. If you're planning on purchasing a new Holter system, HolterCare 12 with ScottCare's Chroma.2 and Novi+ is the perfect choice.