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Customer Focus: Genevieve L. Everett-Sigwalt, MD, FACC, FHRS



Benefits of Ambucor and Remote CIED Monitoring

As Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology and part of a group of six healthcare providers overseeing patients residing across multiple counties, Genevieve Everett-Sigwalt shares her insight on the benefits of remote CIED monitoring.



Genevieve L. Everett-Sigwalt, MD, FACC, FHRS

Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology

Conemaugh Physician Group - Cardiology






In 2012, Dr. Everett-Sigwalt, along with several other local interventional and general cardiologists in private practice, joined to form a large device clinic.  Though this move was promising in terms of service offerings and infrastructure, they had to consider the sheer number of patients in their care and the residential location of these patients.  With the expansion of their clinic, even into the state of Maryland, there was no feasible way for all of their patients to come in for frequent in-clinic device checks.  “That meant an hour plus drive for some of our patients,” Dr. Everett-Sigwalt explains.

Soon after Dr. Everett-Sigwalt and her group formed their partnership, elements came together that really helped push the shift to accurate and effective remote CIED monitoring.  Conemaugh Physician Group decided to partner with ScottCare’s Ambucor Monitoring Solutions in their device clinic.  Ambucor’s service provides 24/7 CIED remote patient monitoring for Conemaugh, allowing them to take full control of their device clinic and effectively add a team of specialists to remotely monitor their patients, thus dedicating more time to their patients.  Dr. Everett-Sigwalt explains, “Ambucor’s monitoring services really stand out. There is great accuracy, great organization and uniformity despite CIED manufacturer.  The accurate detection and interpretation of ECG noise, Afib, false mode switching, etc. is consistent.”  She further describes Ambucor’s service as a huge time saver. When she and the other cardiologists review the device checks, the summaries are dependable, organized and reliable.  Dr. Everett-Sigwalt also attributes the positive shift of remote CIED monitoring to ScottCare providing hotspot and WiFi-based remote monitoring solutions for the patients. 

Dr. Everett-Sigwalt encourages clinics and practices to think about the Ambucor remote CIED monitoring shift and to not be afraid of change.  She recommends taking into consideration the patients that need urgent attention and the value that the efficiencies will bring to your office.  “Look into cost comparison for in-office and remote checks, look at the data. There have been guidelines released on remote monitoring.”