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Windows 10

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Why upgrade to Windows 10?

On January 14th 2020, Microsoftended support for Windows 7. This means that they will no longer provide updates or support options for that operating system. Continuing to run Windows 7 computers may expose your facility to potential security, compliance and functionality risks. As an unsupported Windows 7 system will not receive periodic security updates, an internet-connected computer may leave you susceptible to a violation of HIPAA/HITECH requirements. For specifics about the Window 7 deadline, visit Microsoft’s Tech Support page at:

Can IT just upgrade the operating system?

VersaCare Systems are built and tested as per the FDA’s prescribed and established Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) procedures at ScottCare’s facility to ensure quality and performance. IT should not be upgrading the operating system to avoid any adulteration of the medical device.

There’s an easy path to upgrade to Windows 10

We recognize that this upgrade may seem daunting. So, to assist you with this effort, ScottCare has created a cost-effective upgrade path. ScottCare will also remotely assist with data transfer, re-establishing your HL7 interface, printer setup, as well as re-connecting any wireless and Bluetooth devices that may be in use.

Please reach out to your local ScottCare sales representative or email to request your quote today.