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VC Elevate: The next level in rehab telemetry monitoring

Making patient-clinician interactions that much easier.

Versacare is the number one rehab telemetry program for many reasons, but mainly because it was designed with your patient relationships in mind. With VC Elevate, you have access to the newest Windows and VersaCare system, which means quicker, smoother systems and the most up-to-date features for the best clinician-patient interactions. 

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The VC Elevate package includes:

  • New tower with Windows 11
  • VersaCare software version 4.0 installed
  • Warranty
  • Migration support with one-hour online training session
  • Optional one-day, in-person training

VersaCare 4.0 touts a long list of system enhancements. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Backup/Restore Improvements 

    VersaCare File Manager can now perform backups automatically and on a schedule, using the most recently used backup style. Additionally, VersaCare File Manager can now optionally prompt the user at startup to perform a backup when the elapsed time since the most recent backup exceeds a configurable threshold (number of days).

  2. Restarting All Patients Following a Crash Recovery 

    If the VersaCare Client is terminated unexpectedly during monitoring sessions, following recovery, the user can now restart all patients at once by right-clicking the OK button in any recovered channel’s notification dialog.

  3. Logging Out / Switching Users During Patient Monitoring 

    During patient monitoring, it is now possible to switch the active user without interrupting the monitoring session. Upon clicking Log Out, the Login User dialog appears. It is not possible to interact with the patient tile or perform other actions until a user logs in. Clicking Cancel causes the current user to remain logged in.

  4. Electronic Signatures on Patient Demographics Forms 

    If a patient demographic form includes the Electronic Signature field and the form has been signed, VersaCare prompts you to print the form upon exiting so that the signature can be retained. The signature will be deleted upon exiting the form.

  5. Requiring Electronic Signatures 

    Your clinic can now optionally require electronic signatures to be completed when sending data to the Hospital Information System (HIS). This requirement can be enabled or disabled independently for each of the following data types:

    • Personal Info
    • Session Report
    • Multisession Report
    • ITP Report

    If you would like to enable this requirement, please contact ScottCare Technical Support for assistance.

    When the electronic signature is required for a data type and the Electronic Signature field is included but not completed on any form of that type, clicking “Send to HIS” on any form of that type results in an error message and the data is not sent.

Learn more about VC Elevate and VersaCare 4.0 by contacting your Sales Manager today or by clicking here.  

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