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VC At Home



COVID-19 has become one of the great disruptors, requiring shifts in process and service delivery among a wide swath of industries. Within cardiopulmonary rehab, many have had to quickly develop home-based programs. Rehab teams are finding the need for a charting supplement to record patient progression while they are at their homes and still have all the data flow into the EHR. To meet this demand, Lauren Clark (ScottCare Account Manager in the Northeast and former Clinical Application Specialist) had begun developing a solution for one of her customers to track “At-Home” progression. The result has become VersaCare’s At-Home Forms, allowing the rehab team to track the data for entry in VersaCare. Since the forms have proven effective, ScottCare is now making these forms available to all customers.

Lauren has created two types of forms. The first allows you to track patient progression over a 16-week period simply by free texting into dialog boxes, with each week being tracked independently. The second type of form is set up as a Single Session Report for “At-Home” patients and comes in two varieties. The first version features the patient protocol found in every VersaCare system. The second version allows you to free text a prescribed exercise routine. Both documents may be sent to your EHR and are reflective of a single day’s exercise. These forms may also be customized to fit your exacting needs. 

To obtain the At-Home Forms, simply contact ScottCare Customer Support and ask to have them loaded onto your VersaCare System. If you wish to have these forms sent to your EHR, ScottCare’s Customer Support Department can begin that process as well.