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ScottCare Launches CIED Patient Management Innovations

By | on 06, Jun 2013 |   OneView™ CRM EMR/HIS system CIED insourcing Remote Device Monitoring services EHR ScottCare Oneview wireless CIEDs HL7 Ambucor CardioView DX Suite monitoring services EHR Pipe CRM EMR HIS interfacing data management

Heart Rhythm 2013 - ScottCare launches innovations in UNIVERSAL management of cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) data

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Ambucor Expanding Pacemaker and ICD Monitoring Programs

By | on 31, Dec 2013 |   pacemaker ICD remote monitoring monitoring CIED pacer insourcing

With the recent announcements that several of the largest third party providers of Pacemaker and ICD monitoring services are exiting the market segment, Ambucor Health Solutions is pleased to announce[...]