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DX - ScottCare Spotlight: Joyce Petersen


Joyce Petersen is a Technical Project Manager with ScottCare’s Diagnostics division. As a product manager, Joyce states, “I love getting to work on so many different aspects of our product line, as well as with many different people/departments.  I enjoy pulling each department together to come up with the best solutions.”  

Joyce stresses that one of the keys to successful product development is a customer-centric approach. Keeping the end-user in mind is key to how she approaches a problem. “Each one of our customers is unique in the ways they run their office, rehab, clinic, etc. What works well for one, may not work at all for another. Being aware of that, finding a balance and finding a solution that will work for every single customer is something we all work hard to achieve. It’s important to always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Empathy is key.”

Being hands-on and working directly with customers is an aspect of her role that she has carried over from her former position as a Support Specialist. She believes that as a product manager, this approach is beneficial in gathering direct feedback on ScottCare products. Plus, she just enjoys the contact with the clinic staff that she admires. “I can’t count how many times I’ve been working with a customer over the phone on something that may be very stressful for them, but they are determined to achieve the best solution for their patients. I am always amazed at how hard each staff member works to accomplish the best patient care.” The interactions aren’t without lighter moments, however. “JUST when I start to feel really good about myself, something will happen to knock me down a peg. For example, one of my more memorable moments was when I was assisting a customer, they kept referring to me as “Randy”. Now, I don’t think I particularly look or sound like a Randy. And “Joyce” doesn’t sound much like “Randy”. So how they got to that conclusion, I’ll never know.”

Life isn’t all product management for Joyce. She also has a degree in dance, with which she utilizes in performance and dance instruction. She teaches tap, jazz and contemporary classes at the very same dance studio at which she grew up learning the craft. Joyce also has a competitive streak. She is an avid runner, competing in anything from a 5K to a marathon.

Joyce holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from Kent State.  Before joining ScottCare, she was a student exercise physiologist at the Cleveland Clinic working in the Stress Lab and Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab.