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How will a virtual hybrid cardiac rehab program help your patients?



ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Chanl Health, a Minnesota based healthcare technology company.  ScottCare is now the exclusive distributor of Chanl Health’s Virtual Cardiopulmonary Rehab Solution for hospitals in the US. 


How will a virtual hybrid cardiac rehab program help your patients?

A virtual hybrid cardiac rehab model is when patients participate in their 12-week cardiac rehab program through a mixture of regular onsite sessions, real-time video sessions, and asynchronous tasks and education delivered through a mobile app. The specific mix of these components can vary based on their personal needs or your organization’s needs. The end result, however, is that the patients receive the proven benefits of cardiac rehab, often in a more convenient and cost-effective way.

There are many benefits of adopting a hybrid model for your organization.   Most importantly, patients tell us that these 3 reasons are why they are so engaged and successfully complete their cardiac rehab program. 

  1. The hybrid model improves access and flexibility and allows more patients to enroll and participate.
  2. The asynchronous tasks and education allow them to engage with their care plan “beyond just exercise”, and actually integrate the lessons and behavior changes into their daily lives.
  3. The chat and messages through the mobile app help strengthen the patient-clinician relationship, and patients feel more accountable and connected to their rehab team.

Because of this experience, patient outcomes improve.  More patients participate, they achieve their exercise goals and they also gain long-term value by addressing other risk-factors and behaviors.  This all happens because the technology allows them to stay connected and develop a strong relationship with their care provider.  One misconception is that this model may replace the onsite program for the 20-30% of patients who currently attend onsite rehab.  But the true value is for the 70-80% of patients who typically do not participate in cardiac rehab.

The wonderful thing about the Chanl Health model is that it allows more patients to participate in cardiac rehab, without requiring additional staff time.  As a result, it can significantly increase program revenue.   To do that effectively, you need a software platform and toolkit that can simplify the delivery and management of this virtual care component, and ultimately drive efficiencies.


So why Chanl Health?

Chanl Health was founded in 2017 and has been partnering with programs to deliver virtual hybrid cardiopulmonary rehab since long before the COVID pandemic began.  Their team has over 30 years of experience in standard onsite cardiac rehab and understands the critical importance of being a “whole program partner,” far beyond just the technology.

The success of your hybrid program will be driven by your staff’s ability to deliver the virtual care effectively.  Beyond their easy-to-use software, Chanl has developed expertise in staff training, workflow updates, billing mechanics, and virtual patient engagement methods that help ensure your program will be successful.  They have partnered with over 50 healthcare organizations to deliver virtual hybrid cardiac rehab, but also share their thought leadership and give back to the rehab industry through free webinars, sponsorships, research, and speaking engagements.  Chanl is committed to improving access to cardiopulmonary rehab and improving the standard of care for all.

Watch our video to see how Chanl Health works:

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