ScottCare Cardiac Resources

Utilizing Clinic Downtime



Many cardiopulmonary rehab programs have temporarily closed to ensure the safety of their patients. This period of inactivity is not ideal, but perhaps we can help you take the opportunity to get your technology and skills up to date.

ScottCare is following the suggested preventative measures as provided by healthcare authorities to keep our employees and customers safe, so that they may continue to serve their communities.  ScottCare employees have begun to work remotely, wherever possible, to prevent illness. However, we are still open for business, building new training courses for those that might need a refresher or a new staff member that requires training. Our service and support teams are also available to help you update to VersaCare 3.0.5 or finish that report customization project. Has your clinic purchased an EHRPipe HL7 interface, but not implemented it? Now would be a good time to bring it online, allowing VersaCare to communicate directly with your EHR. If you have yet to upgrade to Windows 10 for HIPAA compliance, we are still shipping orders. Now might also be the perfect time for ScottCare to remotely install your newly acquired Windows 10 tower.

Reach out to us to let us know how we can help you utilize this time to maximize your skills and technology!