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Remote Monitoring and Ambulatory ECG Services Can Inspire Struggling Pharma Business

ForbesAmbucor Health Solutions was recently referenced in the article: IBM’s Reinvention Should Inspire Flat Pharma Businesses. is the leading source for web based reliable business news and financial information.

The author of the article, Dave Chase, proposes that in order for pharma companies to survive and thrive, they need to alter their business approach to transition from being product centric to being more customer centric.

“Pharma companies will succeed or fail based not on how many drugs they sell, but on how well their offerings improve health outcomes”.

Chase uses IBM’s successful reinvention after facing a grim future in the late 80's and early 90's, as an example of how large companies need to shift from a product-centric culture to a customer and service centered company. He explains that pharma companies could also make this shift by following the lead of a company like Ambucor Health Solutions.

"An example of how a pharmaceutical company could transition from being product centric to being customer centric is doing something like the company, Ambucor. Ambucor provides Ambulatory Electrocardiographic and Remote Device Monitoring services for cardiologists. Pharma companies already have deep relationships with cardiologists. Imagine them buying or partnering with a company like Ambucor to sell that service. This would provide a more complete offering where their heart-related drugs may or may not play a role, just as IBM products may or may not play a role in their services."

Chase goes on to list examples of technology-enabled services pharma can provide if they were to focus on disease management or prevention, including family medical history, tele health and remote monitoring.

The key point is that Ambucor exists to serve and help providers achieve improved health outcomes in the most economical manner, employing the latest technological advancements.    

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