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Ambucor Expanding Pacemaker and ICD Monitoring Programs

cardiac event monitoringWith the recent announcements that several of the largest third party providers of Pacemaker and ICD monitoring services are exiting the market segment, Ambucor Health Solutions is pleased to announce an expansion of its successful Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED) monitoring program.

“Our experience in implementing successful CIED patient monitoring programs for our customers has solidified our view that this is a clinically valuable service line that will continue to be critical for proper patient care in the future healthcare landscape,” notes Dan Pawlik, Vice President of Ambucor.

Ambucor’s program enables providers to gain better control of its CIED population, the extensive data management involved, from both trans-telephonic and web remote platforms, and to benefit both clinically and economically.

Pawlik notes that “When managed appropriately, we have seen patients, physicians and institutions benefit from the Ambucor program, with more timely pacer checks and remote visits, and better 24/7/365 management of urgent and emergent patient data in an efficient manner”.

For more information on Ambucor’s CIED monitoring services, please visit or call 1-877-241-0602, ext. 4121.

About Ambucor Health Solutions

Ambucor Health Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of consultative and contracted Ambulatory Electrocardiographic and Remote Device Monitoring services for cardiologists and institutions that are keenly focused on providing the highest quality of care while retaining “ownership” of the clinical services that they offer.