CASE STUDY: The Solution for Improved Clinical and Financial Outcomes in Ambulatory Electrocardiography and Cardiovascular Implanted Electronic Device (CIED) Monitoring


Cardiology physician groups and institutions are increasingly being challenged to effectively manage their ambulatory electrocardiography and CIED service lines, while the amount of data produced and the requirement for EMR integration increases, and reimbursement for the services declines.  

Recognizing this challenge, providers are turning to a new approach to managing these services other than the traditional outsourcing of the technical component and associated fees to Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF), or focusing their highly trained Allied Professionals on non-value added tasks whose time would be better directed towards patient interaction and management.  

Cardiology administration is recognizing the need for lean resource utilization, comprehensive service provision, and shared information through seamless integration of clinical data into its electronic medical record systems.  A large, multi-location cardiology practice on the East coast successfully addressed these needs in the following manner.